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Climbing is an awesome way for kids to get healthy, try a new sport, and make great friends!

Our Recreational Team is great for beginners and kids who just want to have fun climbing! They will be taught the basics of climbing by our great coaches. 

Our Competitive team is a step up from our Rec Team. Team Active already has the basics down and trains hard for local and national competitions. Competitive climbing is run by USA Climbing, and includes local and national competitions! Youth can even go on to compete internationally (and at the Tokyo Olympics!!! )

Active Climbing wants to encourage the youth in our area to be ACTIVE!

We will start our teams program on Aug 6th 2019 with tryouts on Aug 5th from 6-7pm.

2019-2020 season details:

The tryouts will be Monday Aug 5th, from 6-7pm.

There will be limited spots for the recreational team this year: 12 kids per session.

Monday or Wednesday from 5-6pm.

Our coaches will make the determination of which days will be better for your child, based on their skills and abilities. Our plan is to keep the beginners on Monday and the ones that have a bit more experience (from camps, parties, etc.) to practice on Wednesday.

If you get assigned for say Monday practice, you cannot come to the Wednesday practice and vice versa. We understand that life gets in the way sometimes, but we have our reasons for this after trying for several years now. Please respect our time and our coaches time. Please also respect our members and patrons time as they understand and make room for your kiddos to learn and be on the wall. The team is a commitment. We will provide the equipment necessary, such as harnesses and climbing shoes. Our coaches will be there ready to get your child to the next level and teach them the techniques and improve their strength.

Payments are due at the beginning of each month. No refunds/discounts for missed classes.

If your child shows a lot of talent and wants to move to the more competitive team, we can have a discussion and see what options are there. Our goal is to get them all to enjoy and progress over the years, continuing this great hobby throughout their life.

The competitive team will require coaches recommendation, as we want to get more serious with the kids that had the drive and potential. 

If you know somebody interested on sponsoring our team, please let us know. Traveling and accommodations to and from competition events adds up really quick.

We look forward to a great season.

For more info and questions related to the team, feel free to email Karen.

Come join our teams!





Competitive team fees include a full month's gym membership, but not USA Climbing competition and membership fees nor outdoor trips.

We will provide rental climbing shoes if needed for the first two months, after which we kindly ask you to buy your child some better and more performant climbing shoes that will really make a difference.



Monday or Wed 5PM-6PM



*Our climbing team fees function as payment for the coaching at the specified times, but also as a membership!