Have your child's birthday at Active Climbing! 


Climbing Party

One Hour and 45 Minutes

Includes 12 kids – Add more for $10 each

Roped Climbing

Bouldering Cave

20 Foot Slide

Rental Harnesses Included

Free Birthday Shirt



Ninja Party

One Hour and 45 Minutes

14 or older only

Includes 12 kids – Add more for $10 each

Rock climbing

Warped Wall

Cliff Hanger

Jumping Spider

Salmon Ladder

Free Birthday Shirt



For your child’s birthday party, you and your guests may arrive 10 minutes early. We’ll use this 10 minutes to have parents fill out waivers and get the kids dressed in their harnesses and you can decorate the party room however you’d like! The party will consist of 1 hour and 15 minutes of climbing or Ninja Warrior Obstacles (depending on the party you select), followed by 30 minutes for you to spend eating food and opening presents! If you need to stay in the party room, every 10 minutes of extra time (before or after your party) will cost $50. No exceptions. We need to remain on schedule for our climbers or other parties. We will remind you as your party is winding to a close to avoid any unnecessary charges.